The opening lines of a novel can make or break a reader's interest in the story.
Struggling to come up with the perfect opening line for your novel?
Here is what they said.
A new member on our email list sent in this great question: "I’ve struggled with my stories falling slack in the middle. I just can’t seem to keep a…
After weeks of hard work, you’ve finally come to the end of your story. You’ve put so much into it, and now you can’t wait for the world to see it. Even…
When your life gets busy it can be hard to stay motivated.
Maybe this is actually a thing out there in Writersville, and I just re-invented the wheel. Welp... you're welcome.
Many of us, when we're starting out with our own characters, sometimes get stuck. I know I do. We make our characters too complex.
Here are some of our rules for posting in our community, contest submissions, and publication.
Everyone gets writers block. Or do they?
My personal approach to writing has changed. I no longer write to convert other people.
This is the most useless piece of feedback you will ever receive as a writer: “I liked it.”