I've used ChatGPT and MidJourney almost every day so you didn't have to.
Every time a new member joins the LegendHaven mailing list, a dragon gets their wings.
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Only a few weeks after the LegendHaven 2023 online convention, Doxaconn X kicks off in-person at Marymount University!
Over a decade ago, I found a book called 'The Plot Thickens' by Noah Lukeman.
Every author hears a call they are meant to hear, an invite to unlock something of God in the world.
Imagine a world where imagination thrives, and children can challenge themselves with reality to dream the kinds of dreams that actually builds a future…
Almost everyone who joins LegendFiction has a plan to publish their books and share them with the world.
Allegories can be tough. Not even Narnia is a one-to-one allegory, even though it's stacked with allegorical ideas.
In a world where writing can be a solitary and isolating experience, a group of writers known as the Legendbourne are ready to break free and unleash…
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